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Gossip helps Jinhua to create a civilized city
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This newsletter As of the end of October, Jinhua City won the first battle of the national civilized city. In 2014, the city officially launched the establishment of a national civilized city. After three years of unremitting efforts, Jinhua was nominated as a prefecture-level city. The creation of a national civilized city is a comprehensive and systematic project involving all aspects of Jinhua's urban construction management, which requires the participation of the whole people and the whole industry.
1.actively promote the creation of a civilized city
On the morning of October 17, the Jinhua Municipal Transportation Bureau hosted a 40-year reform and opening up to see Jinhua Transportation and win the traffic corridor. The assault war writers collected the wind in the Jiangjia Interchange section. The Jinhua Municipal Transportation Bureau led the city transportation investment group. The company's leaders, leaders of the Jinwu Expressway Command, writers of the wind group, media reporters, and construction unit personnel participated in the event.
The leaders of the project department of Jinwu Highway Yucheng Section actively responded to the call of the headquarters, and organized personnel to arrange the venues at the starting point of the 235 National Highway from Jinhuayucheng to Wuyi Highway, and to see the Jinhua Transportation and win the traffic corridor for 40 years of reform and opening up. Prepare for the launching ceremony of the assault war. The autumn land of Jinqiu not only has wonderful natural scenery, but the ordinary and touching stories of various types of traffic engineering and thousands of traffic front workers are waiting to be discovered. Looking forward to the artistic perspective of photographers of all kinds of writers. The exhibition changed the era of cash transportation, and wrote a moving chapter of Jinhua Transportation in the form of literature. With colorful photography, Jinhua Transportation was the new development and new achievement brought by “walking in the forefront and building Jinhua together”.
The organization activities inspired our 235 National Road Jinhua Yucheng to Wuyi Highway participants to contribute to the creation of a national civilized city in Jinhua City!
2. the special action to effectively cooperate with comprehensive prevention and control
Grasping the dust pollution control work in urban construction sites is an important part of practicing Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought and comprehensively strengthening ecological environmental protection. In order to comprehensively strengthen civilized construction and dust prevention work, the project managers of Bagua Road actively led the team to jointly create a safe, civilized, sanitary and orderly project. The project departments are solid and effective in the treatment of dust pollution at construction sites, and the results are obvious. Into the construction sites, we can see that the project department has a sound system in the dust pollution control of the construction site, and various dust prevention measures in the construction site can be well implemented. The construction site is clean and tidy. The project department has completely covered the building materials such as cement and sand. The main building inside the construction site has also been fully protected.
Zhu, the person in charge of the Jinwu Highway Project, said: “We are basically 100% hardened on the pavement, and there is no hardening in the area. We have also adopted a turf or fake turf to beautify the entire site.” , construction site and road hardening, material stacking, sprinkling spray dust reduction, vehicle flushing, etc., further improve dust control measures, establish a sound long-term mechanism, ensure the normalization of dust control work, and create a "green work site."
See how our gossip brothers put all the prevention measures and systems into practice? In the on-the-spot interview, Chang Baojie, a technician from the Yiwu section of Provincial Highway No. 03, said: “The muck trucks are cleaned every day, and the car skin is bright enough to reflect clear figures. Even the posters around the perimeter of the construction site. We will not let go, we must always clean, to ensure that the cover of the poster is just like the new one."
Zhang Nan of the Dongxiao Line added: "In addition to the increase in sprinkler equipment, we must also have a complete set of safety hardware, uniform dressing, wearing a safety helmet, and at the same time increase the propaganda of 'speaking civilized trees and new winds' on the construction site; It is necessary to pay attention to controlling noise pollution, and does not affect the daily routine of residents in the surrounding communities.” Zheng Yu, who is a member of the Jianjin 5, said: “The mixing station site should be cleaned at least twice a day, leaving no extra stones and construction waste overnight. At the same time, early in the morning The project department will send people to take turns to clean the intersection of the project department, without affecting road traffic and road hygiene; not only that, we will be responsible for cleaning the village roads two or three times a day.
In the implementation of the various requirements of the Jinhua Municipal Government on the creation of a civilized city, the project departments of the Eight Diagrams Department will continue to strengthen the construction management, achieve refined management, and meet the requirements of civilized, safe construction and dust prevention. Propaganda civilized construction, construction of civilized construction sites, green construction sites, Zhejiang gossip has been on the road!

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