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Quzhou City Traffic Quality Supervision Station to our department to carry out cross-checksconstruction safety of deep foundation pitshigh slopes
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According to the Provincial Traffic Engineering Quality Supervision Bureau, "Notice on Organizing the Cross-checking Work of the Construction of the Deep Foundation Pit and High Slope Construction Safety of the Highway Water? Transportation Project of the Province" (Zhejiang Jiaozhan [2018] No. 87) and "On the Development of the Province" Notice of the Special Notice on the Safety of Deep Foundation Pit and High Slope Construction for Highway Waterway Project (Zhejiang Jiaozhan [2018] No. 46) Document Requirements, October 19, 2018, Li Shiyou, Deputy Director of the Traffic Quality Supervision Station of Zhangzhou City, Safety Xu Yingqi, the chief of the department, led a team to Jinhua City to carry out cross-checking activities on the construction safety of deep foundation pits and high slopes. Lin Wenyan, secretary of Jinhua City Traffic Quality Supervision Bureau, Zhang Junping, chief of safety department, and Ouyang, the city's trading house, accompanied the inspection.
? ? ? The inspection team inspected the high slope of K13+930-K14+101 section of our department. During the inspection process, the inspection team first listened to the project manager's introduction to the management of the high slope of the project, and examined the approval of the safety special construction plan, the inspection report of the steel pipe, fasteners and other materials, and other internal data accounts, and then The site construction and enclosure conditions were examined in detail. At the inspection team, the rectification opinions and supplementary requirements were raised for the problems of safety hazards found in the inspection and the non-standard internal medical data. The next step is to immediately implement the various safety hazards raised by the rectification opinions and requirements. One by one
? ? ?Through this cross-check of safety special projects, we have built a “diagnosis of the pulse” for my project, which effectively helped the sustainable production situation of our project to be stable and stable.

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