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Pre-cast Beams for Lot 8 of Ning-Tai-Wen Expressway Dualization Project Completed?
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Chen Bo


On January 13, 2019, under the correct guidance of project manager Mr. Zhu and chief engineer Mr. Yi, 431 T-beams for this lot and 56 T-beams for Lot 7 were finally completed costing 387 days.

The construction team came into site in September, 2018. There are 22 benches in the prefabrication yard. 30 pieces of beams could be stored in  the storage area. Organization of Project Management cast its first T-beam on December 22, 2018.

On March 9, we started work again after holiday. The first beam was completed at the start of a new year. On May 4, the first beam was rested on the bridge.

By December 20, we have finished precasting 431 T-beams for this Lot and on December 2, the first T-beam of Lot 7 was cast. On January 13, 2019, T-beam casting was completed.

During this year's prefabrication work, the Engineering Department and Safety Department profoundly implemented the core concept of "Safety First Production Second, Focus on Safe Production" of the Organization of Project Management, and successfully and safely completed the prefabrication of 487 T-beams. During this period, we won the title of "Safe Construction Site" many times. In the aspect of quality control, we should strictly follow the specifications and drawings. We had drawings and tapes in hand at any time, and went to site and made measurement frequently. We communicated with chief engineer when there are problems encountered, and erected problems in time to make sure that we can complete the project with quality and quantity.

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