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Reconstruction of Yongkang Section of 330 National Highway Project Convening Expert Appraisal MeetingSpecific Construction Scheme for Safe Construction While Opening to Traffic
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LAN Zhibing

At the end of the year and the beginning of the new year, we say goodbye to the past and welcome the future. In order to better guide the construction of the section  from Jinguquan to the end of the lot next year, on January 16, 2019, at 2:30 p.m., our section held an expert appraisal meeting on Specified Construction Scheme for Safe Construction While Opening to Traffic in the conference room of the Organization of Project Management. This expert appraisal meeting invites Mr. Lu and Mr. Liang from Jinhua Highway Administration Bureau , Mr. Fu from Zhejiang Scientific Research Institute of Transport , Mr. Wei from Zhejiang Anpai Testing Service Co., Ltd. , Mr. Lu from Yongkang Trunk Highway Construction Office as experts, and also has the honor to invite executives of related department in Jinhua Highway Bureau, Yongkang Safety Inspection Bureau, Yongkang Highway Section, Yongkang Traffic Police Brigade, Yongkang Quality Supervision Station, Wuyi County Highway Section, 330 National Highway Yongkang Section Reconstruction Project Headquarters, Design Institute and J2 Supervision Office to provide some advice.

The work volume from Jinguquan Interchange Area to the end of the Lot is about 90 million yuan, accounting for 44% of the valid volume of the section. As the key construction area of this section in 2019, whether the Jinguquan Interchange Area can start construction smoothly after the Spring Festival, besides whether the headquarters can solve the problem of policy, whether the Specified Construction Scheme for Safe Construction While Opening to Traffic can pass the expert evaluation is also the key point before the start of construction in this area.

During last month, combined with the drawings of this section, the first draft of the scheme has come into shape after repeated discussions within Organization of Project Management and consultation with the supervision office and the Headquarters. After revision according to the preliminary audit opinions of the invited experts and discussion at the expert appraisal meeting, the scheme is considered to be basically complete and feasible. According to the opinions of the expert group of the expert appraisal meeting, the revised scheme is more targeted and operable, and can be implemented on site after being submitted to the supervision office and the headquarters for examination and approval.

With the goal of ensuring safe and orderly traffic and advancing construction according to plan, the removal of the old 330 National Highway Separation Bridge and the construction of new 330 National Highway Separation Bridge are guaranteed by No. 1 and No. 2 sidewalks of Jinguquan Interchange; the reconstruction of the  base of Xitianfan Connection Line is through the construction of left and right sides separately; old 330 National Highway from Jinguquan Interchange to the end of  the Lot is to construct by three stages, left, middle and right to ensure the opening of traffic while construction; ramp B is to connect the right side of old 300 National Highway and C is diverted and because of the small amount of work volume, the two sections can be merged into the construction stage of old 300 National Road widening. During the construction period, according to the need and the specific situation of traffic flow, some sections and periods adopt measures such as open to traffic and traffic restriction to make sure ordered traffic organization. According to different time periods and construction schemes, traffic flow in sections is guided by traffic management measures, speed limits, and corresponding safety facilities to ensure that the traffic in sections achieves the desired objectives.

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