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Visit by Delegation fromKecheng Dist. Quzhou
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A delegation by the Director General of Quzhou Kecheng Shuanggang Administration Directorate,Ren Wenjun, Chief of District Economic and Information Service,XueYun;Director of District Ecological and Environment Control,Tong Yunhai; DeputyDiector of Investment Promotion of Quzhou

Municipal Transport Bureau,Chen Hao,and Director of Investment Promotion Bureau,Dai Fanxi,paid visit to our HQ office building, Tangya Base and Dongyang Plant whilst bilateral talks were being held on more collaborations for new projects.

The Delegation was warmly welcomed by our chairman of Board, Mr.Xu Yuguang with a comprehensive video intro. of our Group, Mr.Xu also showed to guests our current sit, vision and goals reiterating our tremendous capacity,  beautiful performances, superfluous qualification and most advanced equipment and fully prepared for new projects and opportunities ahead. The leaders from Delegation said they have been staggered by our capacity demonstrated thru the video and various visits, and they were so ready for an agreement under the culture of deepening reform, integration and creative development, hoping they could open a brand new horizon of comprehensive integration and development with Bayong during this great sharing economy times.

Delegation at Pre-fab, Plant, Lab of the Bayong Testing and new building under construction at Tangya Base.

At Dongyang Asphalt Plant, Delegation in front of SG3000 Mixing Plant, Chairman Xu introducing the intermittent mixing process.

1st from Left:Dai Fanxi;2 from Left:Tong Yunhai;3th from Left:Ren Wenjun; 4 from Left:XuYuguang

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