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2019 Semiannual Group Production Conference Convened
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The Semi annual production meeting was held at Bayong Tangya Base in the morning on 31st June. Corporate supervisor Ye Yongqing notified the inspection results of subsidiaries by group company. Chairman of board, Xu Yuguang analyzed the half year project progress and managerial issues in terms of the inspection results, he also deployed for the second half year calling all the employees to piece together confidence and determination upholding the forging ahead Bayong culture and craftsmanship of seeking perfect from perfection to endure in accomplishing mission of various goals .


Chairman Xu Yuguang praised the overall momentum of accomplishment of first half year. The subsidiaries and project company have been building stations and bases and made initial progress under the spirit of remaining true to our original targets with active plough thru difficulties. Our overseas strategy has gained great achievement with tactics in right order being deployed. Our modern enterprise management institution has taken its shape and company culture has immense impact over employees with extensive achievement.


Chairman Xu also pointed out that issues can not be ignored during first half year inspection like lacking in supervision upon payment to migrant workers making project manager unable to know exactly the construction cost; Contract administration still in coarse mode, the understanding of administration still lags behind contract signing or stamping, this kind pale understanding will not help set up a comprehensive administration system, will not help shape good relationships with suppliers and construction teams, and makes corporate general administration impossible with vague accountablities and unable to control cost from sources. Therefore project manager`s shoulder shall feel heavy in contract negotiation, signing , execution, inspection and filing, should be very careful in pecking omissions, avoiding risks to endure clear obligations and legal procedures, to endure all processes at bay.


Chairman Xu deployed tasks in three aspect in order to realize annual goal, No.1 ,to control cost and improving profitability by standard, perfecting technical disclosure and enhancing project management, checking cash flow, cost and expenses control and asset management and find out discrepancies with fortified measures to ensure the accomplishment of quality improving and efficiency enhancement; To speed up the operation and stations and bases, improve the supplying ability of high quality commercial concrete and gaining competitive advantages, to expand our market horizon by setting up overseas offices and company to facilitate company transformation. Overseas business is required to catch up and fear no failure with constant try. To ensure the the stability of employee and equipment operation. No.2, to vigorously manage team and set up the thoughts of disciplines and enhance bottom line spirit so as to prevent and neutralize risks and form clean working ambience. No.3,  to enhance party organization building and bring the party members in to full play as model to perform social responsibility combining the requirement of never forgetting why we started and push forward party member building in the second half year.


   Let`s straighten up our ideas and thoughts, plan well, make full use of our proactivity, build our name with extraordinary operation to realize high quality development with tremendous score to meet the 70th  anniversary of our great nation.  

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